Floor 3

This floor will possess the bedroom, and a Lavatory (½ bathroom). The reason for the lavatory is so I don’t have to worry about making it to the bathroom on another floor in time. This room won’t be used often, just a place to sleep and not much more. I could even choose to use the Living Room if I didn’t have this floor. While there is a closet, it is not large.


The bedroom will consist of a Queen Size Bed. This bed will be large enough not only for myself, but if I was to be in a relationship with a significant other. The bed will have 6 under bed drawers which will eliminate the need for dressers. There will be 3 drawers on each side of the bed. At the head of the bed will be 2 night stands. My night stand will have a charging station for my iPhone, watch, and earphones. At the foot of the bed, there will be a very sturdy chest for things such as blankets, sheets and covers. If I was to have a dog, there will be a dog bed on the chest.

There will be a 2 corner desks which will function as home bases for the notebook(s). Each desk will have 3 RJ45 jacks. Since the corner desks are intended for notebooks, there will be a docking station that would provide additional ports and SD card reader. There will also be 24″ 16:9 monitor, keyboard, and mouse – all of which will be connected to the docking station. Since there will be an RJ45 connection in the docking station, there will be a faster, and more reliable connection to the home network.

As mentioned, there is a closet (although small). The closet will be sufficient for a coat, and boxes for out of season clothing. On the shelf of the closet will host 2 safes. If I should have a significant other, then she will have access to one of the safes.


The lavatory will be just that – a toilet and a sink. As with the ¾ bathroom, the sink and toilet will be a combination unit to maximize the bedroom space. There is not much else to say about his unit as it is intended to provide a more convenient option for defecating, or urinating.