Floor 2

This floor will be for the home office, and ¾ bathroom. These are pretty straight forward, and to the point. With a ¾ bathroom on this floor, the office will be smaller. This will of course be expected as the ¾ will consume living space. This is also why the ¾ bathroom is on this floor rather than in the Living Room.

¾ Bathroom

The ¾ bathroom consist of a toilet/sink combination, and a shower stall. These two aspects of the ¾ bathroom is to minimize the space needed for these roles. There will be an open bathroom closet that would provide for towels, wash cloths, and hygiene items. By keeping this space as small as possible, it will give as much room as possible for the home office.

Home Office

The Home Office will possess two desks (one corner), a couch, and a 32″ TV. As with the Living Room, the TV will have a connection to a coaxial, and RJ45. In addition, both desks will have 4 RJ45 connections for various other options. For example, if there is a need for a home office phone, that phone will plug directly into the RJ45 for power and communications. There will be a commercial printer which will have 4 trays. 2 trays will be for 8.5″ × 11″ paper and 2 trays will be for envelopes. The printer will have 2 RJ45 jacks. One is for the network communications, and the second will be in case there is a need for an ATA for fax communications.