Floor 1

The first floor will be the living room, and access to the outdoor space. Both of these are pretty straight forward, but I will try to go in as much detail as possible for this page.

Living Room

The living room is a 300sf room with a sleeper sofa, coffee table, corner desk, TV, and recliner. The coffee table is light enough that two people will be able to move it to the side. This will allow the sleeper sofa to fold out in a Queen Size Bed. Since this is only intended a guest bedroom, there is no need for any dressers. The corner desk will allow someone with a notebook PC to go to so they can do productivity work. The recliner will add another space for a total of 5 seats (3 – couch, 1 – corner desk, 1 – recliner). There will be a 50″ television that would be wall mounted. In addition, there will be a coaxial jack, and RJ45 jack behind the TV. The TV will plug into both of these jacks to provide for maximum functionality.

Outdoor Space

This is pretty simple, and, to the point. There will be a couple of outdoor lounge chairs, but otherwise the space is barren. As expected, there will be an external wifi access point which will support the house, and guest connection.