The basement will provide for a lot of resources that are not thought about. There will also be the kitchen, and a washer/dryer combination. All of these resources will be considered as important, but not thought about until they are needed.

Communications Closet

The communications closet is the most condensed space as far as utilities go. There will be a coaxial line that would run from the antenna to the roof to the communications closet. There will also be a similar line for the satellite dish. The coaxial will then have a connection with Comcast, and Verizon. All of these will be options for the house. There will then be 3 lan lines running to the living room, office, and bedroom. To select which service is used, there will be a coaxial line that will connect LAN to service.

Next, there will be a 42U rack mount. This rack will host the patch panel, the switch, a NAS, a media server, and the network server. The switch will be POE to support the wifi access points, and in the case that there needs to be a landline telephone. In this case, the landline will be a SIP phone, and will draw its power from the ethernet switch. The NAS will host all of the backups, and files that needs to be stored, but does not need to be accessed often. The media server will be a PLEX server which will allow all of the TVs to access the server to watch movies, and TV shows. In addition, there will be a Tablo DVR which will record up to 2 channels at one time. As with the PLEX server, the Tablo will use an app on the TV. The network server will replace the need for a router, and provide network traffic to all of the LAN, and connection to the Internet. There will be 2 Wifi networks with the guest network providing limited access to the internet. Adult content will not be allowed as to protect children that might use the home network.

As mentioned in the House Site, there will be no telephone lines. If there is a need for a house line, or fax line, the SIP/VOIP will be used. This is because there is technically no need for a landline telephone since my cellular phone provides for all of my telephony communications.

Electrical CLoset

The electrical closet will host the circuit panel, and two battery banks. The battery banks will provide electricity to the house in the event that there is a power outage, and it is nighttime. During the day, the solar panels on the roof will produce and provide for electricity with excess going to the battery banks.


The kitchen will be much like many other modern kitchen. Since there is no gas line, there is no gas stove. Instead, the cooktop is induction cooking, and the oven is electric. There will also be a refrigerator with ice/water dispenser and dishwasher. The dishwasher will run at night before going to bed. There will be a range of cupboards to host all of the cookware, and dishwater.


In the kitchen under the counter space will be a washer/dryer combination. This is combined into one machine, and a disadvantage will be that it takes longer for a load. With that in mind, laundry will be done before going to bed. This will provide for the means to do laundry without having to wait on the machine.

Water Closet

In most instances, the water closet refers to a lavatory. With this house, the lavatory will be noted as a lavatory. In this regard, the water closet will host all of the water resources. This will include the water line in, manifolds for the water lines which every outlet has its own line. You also have the fire sprinkler system, and a tankless hot water system. In the event that a line needs repair, the line can be turned off through this room.