There are a couple of advantages of a Trinity House. The first is it’s cozy. It is just big enough to do all of the things a single person would need. There is a kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom. In my design, there will also be an office, but that could just as easily be converted into a second bedroom. There is outdoor space that is 25′ × 25′. While not large in size, it is big enough, again for a single person.

The house will not be in demand. I would be fine with this house (or I wouldn’t have this site), but this isn’t most people’s taste. Therefore, the perceived value of the house will be lower. This will mean lower property taxes. The insurance will always be enough to rebuild this house, and cover for the items lost in a fire, or natural disaster.

The house can also cost less in utilities. With it only being me, and with me only on one floor at a time, I can adjust the temperature in the other rooms to reduce demand on heating or AC. This in turn will mean less electricity consumed – therefore allowing me to continue on a Net-Zero home.