This house will be good if I had a lot of 25′ (7.62m) × 50′ (15.24m). The house itself will be 15′ × 25′ with a livable space of 300sf (91.44m) per floor. This house was modeled after the Philadelphia Trinity House (aka: Bandbox). These houses were intended for small lots of land. The idea is that there will be a basement, and then 2-3 floors above ground. Each floor is its own room not counting lavatories or bathrooms. These rooms will be in conjunction with another room – therefore making that room the lavatory or bathroom installed on smaller. As mentioned in the primary house (https://fsp.house, there will be an elevator, therefore navigating between rooms more tolerable.

In addition to the house, there will be a 25′ × 25′ outdoor space behind the house. This will provide space to enjoy being outside, and provide for a dog to defecate and/or urinate if I should acquire a new dog. There will be an outdoor access point so I could have a strong signal for my laptop or phone. If this house was to sit on a corner, then there will be a garage, and therefore you should consider reading the Corner House.